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Azadi means Freedom in Farsi.



Azadi khoshhaly dast be dastan
yek rahy lazeme Agahy be mardom moheme sang sazy
seft bazy ma sheereem na naz nazy shamsheer to dast rah bazy
moshkelo hal kon too farsi irani az del eshgh mi pacheem
kooche be kooche mi pareem mara mishneva hala boro bala bia payeen
emshab male tost koja mireen eeno bebeen jashnesale haft seen becheen
poolak mideem begoo seereen
azadi sale no ro ba azadi shoroo konid

Azadi X6
Thats freedom ya'll
azadi x6
Thats freedom ya'll

beeshtar beeshtar pesar hasti ya dokhtar
sedato estefade kon, baraye honar
baraye bachehatoon tooye koocheye sard
fargh nadare yek vatane nazdeek be marg
door az joon khodetoon didin che khoon mirize
harvaght dava misheh bayad donya bebineh
che dineh? Chera miporsi be to cheh
hameh dinha migan adam koshi haroomeh dige che-

Azadi X6
Thats freedom ya'll
azadi x6
Thats freedom ya'll

cheshmato beband faghir ya servatmand
fekr kon yek donya ba khodast har ghadam
khasis boodan tamoomeh dar har vatan
mardom dast be dast shoroo-eh hal kardan
so-al javabesh ba shoor ghoroor kamtar
be jayi nemiresim ba cheshmaye koor
zarb nazan be cheshmayi nazdike peerooz
nooret koo been ghavy mibinim ba deede door

Freedom, happiness go hand in hand
A way is needed, informing people is important, Solid as a rock.
Playing hard, we’re lions ,not sissies with swords in our hands, opening paths
Solving problems in farsi, Iranian, from the bottom of our heart we spread love
street to street we run around, you will hear us whether you go up or down
tonight is yours, where you going, look at em, its new years, set up you table
we give jewels, say your full

Thats freedom ya'll
Thats freedom ya'll

more, more, whether you’re a boy or girl
use your voice for talent
for your children in the cold streets
it doesn’t make a difference its one country, close to death
god forbid, you’ve seen it yourself the bloodshed
whenever there’s a fight the whole world needs to see it.
what religion? Why you asking, its not your business
religion says killing people is wrong, so what!

Thats freedom ya'll
Thats freedom ya'll

Close your eyes, wealthy or poor
imagine a world taking each step with god
greediness over in every country
people hand in hand starting to solve
questiong answers with sense, less ego
we won’t reach anywhere with blind eyes
don’t take a shot at eyes close to its goal
where’s your light? With strong vision we see whats far ahead


released March 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Mana Hebron


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