Recipe feat. Keziah

by Mana

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This song is talking about the different things that make me who I am. My experience, my trials and history.



This is what makes me
Nothing can break me
Take me to a higher ground
Knowing who I am,
Where I'm,
What I've found

The young woman thats in me
Doesn't care for Lavishly
Livings good Enough
I don't Need a Salary
My wings carry me
To the four corners
No borders, bold soldiers,
Can't wait until I'm a little older
A little wiser, disguise her wit with a dress
spread love movement 'til I'm out of breath, nothing left
Moving right, south of tricks
'bove the ground, routing kicks
To hit hard
The wolf can't blow down a house of bricks
Stacking thick
Asking for recipe
A lot of equity
Dash of Hollywood celebrity, come mix with me
Sweet and Sour Chicken
When it Cool it thicken
Never leave an hour missing
Soul persistant
Could it be the land of Milk and Honey?
Ripping Dummies
A smile that turn dark night into sunny
Call it a new design
Remind them of whats lovely
Hold true, new school old game
Pro tools, so smooth

*Chorus* (2x)

Understand thundercats are built to eat up rats
Savagely or diplomat
Anyway its getting packed
Picture roses with thorns
Put your figures around that
Bleed, need to leave some creatures in they habitat
Acting never this is how i feel, real deal, royal flush
'mills wheels racing provoke to change steers in a rush
Blushed red faced, talk too much, cant be hushed
Comprehend the difference between shove and push
I like it just right never let it over cook
The immature tend to wonder why I'm overbooked
Overlooked the hate, talking sideways mean you shook
My way aint easy in the game, considered a rook
Earning stripes, living life, the trife is understood
Deserving happiness with the sh*t I undertook
On to hook the bait, may be late
Had to deal with crooks
Sandcastles can be sold
Fading as they should


released January 29, 2013
Produced by Vaughn Garcia
Engineered by House Studio DC
Chorus sung by Keziah



all rights reserved


Mana Hebron


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