The Scenario

by Mana

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We all go through scenarios....*sigh*


Not unusual for my Saturday night
Taken out to grab drinks n something to bite
This fella was cute played ball real tall
Thought swag would make my knees weak break *woosh* fall
Brought me to the finest restaurant Of course
Showed his clip quarter page rushed for the source
Reached his pocket a ripped face stained with some sauce
Thought he had me looked too happy if you ask me
Thinking why he carry magazines such a scheme
Cracking up over nothing sweet as saltine
Had to fix it up flip another shot vaccine
Minds too noided from the green cali clean acting mean
Yappin as I smile carey, daydream fairy tales of a knight
Pretend my phone rings “oh my god you allright?”
he knew it fencing tension through a knife
I don’t care this my time and life
intuition kicking in its my time for flight
kept it light he was trife didn’t reach the hype
short of confidence in the men I like

"scratch that, scratch that"

see my ladies chilling at the bar laughing hard
talking to the bartender give her a double shot
brought goose my heart mender that’s how trouble start
grab another drink now we done, dancing with the stars
grinding, found a hottie act lovers in the dark
getting bored so we flip the cards another god
hit em hard that’s how we play call us ace of spades
find a way willing to move amongst king of snakes
cobra moves look good with the music made
mashing beats working for a cause getting paid
pause the hate play the tape ipod any stereo that can hit the bass
shake my hips love this mix females rule the stage


released May 1, 2010
Produced and Mixed by Tom Delay Beats



all rights reserved


Mana Hebron


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